Helping You Create a Green and Clean Energy Future!

About Us - Green Strategy and Experience


Our Experience

After thirty-years plus of success in the industry, we've decided to focus our new firm on helping clients make the best possible decisions in choosing a Green and Clean Energy future* for their company through integrated demand-side management (energy efficiency -DSM), Distributed Energy Resources (renewable energy, storage, etc. - DERs), Sustainability ( water, transportation, etc.), and Decarbonization  Strategies, Action Plans, and Implementation Roadmaps.

We work closely with clients to provide strategic clean energy planning approaches that link a company's Green vision, goals and strategies with key market and regulatory needs to help guide future direction and decisions.  Our goal is to provide you, our clients, with a clear "set of glasses" with which to view the changing and oft challenging energy industry landscape. 

Our history of successful involvement in the field -- in management consulting, utility management, regulatory leadership, and business -- gives us a sharp understanding of the industry's many complexities; thus providing  clients with solid and actionable energy solutions and "hand-holding" support (as needed) to ensure success. 

(* see Q&As for difference between "Green" and Clean Energy)


Our Approach

We work with you and your team to ensure that the consulting support we provide is thoroughly aligned with your vision and goals.  Whether it is industry Green-leader reputation and cost savings you seek to optimize, or to attract employees interested in working for a "Green" company, we consult with you in a series of structured meetings that produce an agreed upon Green Strategy: Vision, Goals, Objectives and Action Plans.  Our efforts are designed to help your firm integrate -- at the rate and in the time frame you wish -- a solid Green and Clean Energy plan that will ensure your success.


Why Us?

We work with some of the best in the business to ensure that your company has the most comprehensive Green and Clean Energy planning structure, market analyses, technical assessment and implementation support (as needed).  We know our business, we know we want you to be successful, and we know that working closely with you to define and integrate your Vision into an actionable Green and Clean Strategic Energy Action Plan for your Company will give you the best chance of success in meeting your goals..