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Frquently Asked Questions

Question #1 What's the difference between "Green" and "Clean Energy" strategies? They seem very similar.


Green strategies include water conservation, transportation, waste and recycling and like strategies. While Clean Energy strategies focus primarily on energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric battery storage, microgrids, use of renewable gas, etc.

Question #2 Do you offer a free consultation at the front-end?


Yes,  We are very interested in answering your questions about becoming all, or in part, a "Green" and/or "Clean Energy Company. 

Even if you have taken some steps, as many companies have, we can help by clarifying where you are in the process (at the high-level) and help you think through next steps.

Question #3 How do we get started?


 We provide a contact page below that let's you inquire about our services.  As part of that we ask you to explain interest and current levels of green and/or clean energy activity your firm has undertaken - none (n), a little (low), a little more (medium), a lot (high)


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