Helping You Create a Green and Clean Energy Future!

Our Services: Collaboration on Your Green Strategy


Understanding Your Company's Clean Energy Goals, and Needs

In collaboration with your company's team, we conduct a comprehensive visioning and goal setting exercise through as series of face-to-face and/or online meetings to identify your demand-side management (DSM), distributed energy resources (DER) and Sustainability objectives.  We aim to ensure that the work we do together thoroughly embodies your company's Green Strategy Vision in your firm's Green and Clean Energy Strategy and Action Plan (see below)

Developing a Strategic Issues and Potential Barriers Roadmap

The competitive, financial, and regulatory environment in which your company works are key influencers that often set the boundaries and directions for selecting successful Green strategies and related actions.  Working with your team, we identify key short- term and intermediate-term success issues on which to focus and potential obstacles to success that need to be addressed and/or overcome along the way.  As you know from experience, business success is a series of well thought out choices combined with a bit of "luck." We ensure -- with your strategic Green roadmap -- that we identify key issues and obstructions and ways to address these so that clear vision guides your firm.

Green and Clean Energy Strategy and Action Plan

Once we understand the landscape and the road to success, we work with you and your team to develop an actionable company strategy and activities/action plan to get you there!  Are your customers raving about your company's Green and Clean Energy stance and business strategy on social media? Outreach and media is only part of the themes incorporated into your Green and Clean Energy Strategy and Action Plan. Integrating Technologies (e.g.,  energy efficiency, renewable energy, storage technologies, water, transportation and the like) and their projected Financial Impacts, of course, are key; but so is ensuring that the People/Organizational side of your business is well aligned with your Green strategy.  These themes and important others, customized to your firms individual needs, are part of the process

Supporting Your Green Market Place Positioning and Goals

Some clients are focused on raising their company's Green profile on social media and in other Green and Industry forums.  For these clients, we focus on developing Green marketing plans that target specific company media goals, metrics and activities to be taken to track the progress of company Green marketing.  What about updating your website? We can help with that as well.

Technologies and Quality Control

Jay Luboff Consulting focuses on helping you make the best possible clean energy business decisions. We can help you select vendors of the technologies we recommend from the list of some of the best with whom we work; or we can support your selection through a market solicitation or other processes that you might choose. In either regard, our focus is on quality installation and application of Green technologies. -- and every other part of the plan.  We work to ensure quality on all elements of your Company's Green and Clean Energy Strategy and Action Plan..  

Long-Term, Short-Term ...

Our team focuses on your green and clean energy strategy needs, whether they be for long-term  visioning and project definition, or for short-term solutions.  Our focus is on collaboration with your team on the journey for as long as support is needed.